Gabriel Brasil trainer business cards

Gabriel Brasil Personal Trainer Business Card

Mateus Yuzo (Monga Design) designed these business cards for Gabriel Brasil, a personal trainer.

According to Mateus, Gabriel is passionate about what he does and has his daily/lifestyle connected with his profession. With science-based content but simplified, he creates specific training for each person.

Gabriel Brasil typographyGabriel Brasil business card

“The client is an ambitious and focused professional, always looking for the best in his area, generating trust and identification for his clients. He came to us to create a branding that demonstrates that,” Mateus said.

The business card design is minimal yet with a smart, modern twist. The blue/black colour palette is an eye-catching one! Plus, if you’re familiar with doing warm ups before exercising, then the ‘stretching’ letters on the business card should ring a bell.

“The ‘stretching’ effect used in the typography in some pieces of the visual identity is a joke to represent the stretching that is done before we do a physical exercise.” And the name of the typeface used on the business card is called Stretch Pro.

Gabriel Brasil logo
“The brand icon (formed from the character G) is a two-sided arrow, which represents a cyclical movement, as should be the care with health and well-being – you must always be in motion, never stop,” Mateus added.

The business cards were printed on textured, thick matte coated paper (approximately 600gsm or more) via serigraphy printing technique.

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Designed by Mateus Yuzo at Monga Design

For Gabriel Brasil

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