Fuzzy Peach business card

Fuzzy Peach V Spa Business Card

Eva designed these business cards for Fuzzy Peach V Spa, a feminine care product line based in the USA.

The business card design is minimal yet elegant. It shows femininity while at the same time, using foiling and embossing print finishes to elevate the brand image.


A Luxury Brand Image

According to Eva, Fuzzy Peach V Spa is a luxury feminine care product of the finest quality. The brand embodies femininity, self-awareness and confidence, which needed to be conveyed through the visual identity.

“The company’s feminine hygiene starter kit has 7 main products, including foam wash, body bars, pill supplements and more,” she said.

“Their target audience are women who are already consumers of similar products and women who have an interest in their bodies and overall hygiene.”

“All of the packaging has that embossed brand mark in combination with foiling for a luxurious feel while keeping a clean look.”

“We apply the same concept to the business cards as well as other brand elements.”

Fuzzy Peach business cards


An Elegant Logo Design

Eva said that the client wanted a logo that’s simple, elegant yet meaningful.

She explained, “The abstract logo has a circle that represents a peach, and inside we have a symbol of ‘seed of life’ that also includes a small ‘diamond’ shape symbolizing luxury and femininity, as well as a very subtle ‘vulva’ shape that’s part of the ‘seed of life’ element.”

“This brand is crafted to be one of the most elegant, minimalistic and luxurious looking brands in the industry.”

“The goal is to capture the essence of the Fuzzy Peach V Spa idea and translate it with a help of brand identity.”

“Every woman should appreciate her own beauty, take care of herself and use only the finest and highest quality products.”

“And that’s the story of Fuzzy Peach V Spa: high-quality products, ingredients, packaging and overall experience. Well thought out to the smallest details.”

Fuzzy Peach Logo


Elegant Font and Rose Gold Foil

The primary typeface used is Baskerville (bold and regular).

To achieve visual harmony with the rest of the packaging and branding, Eva opted for a serif typeface that’s both clean and elegant.

Baskersville is a clean and elegant font. We wanted to achieve visual harmony with the rest of the packaging and branding, so we needed something simple yet high-end.”

“The brand’s color palette is based on neutral light pink that represents femininity, luxury and minimal vibe.”

“With a touch of terracotta and foiling, we enhanced the text elements and brand mark, while still keeping the packaging subtle.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, Eva would recommend printing them on 300gsm cardstock with a blind embossed brand mark and all text in rose gold foiling.

These print finishes were also used for packaging. Because of this, Eva decided it was a good idea to include them on the business cards as well.

Overall, it’s a clean and luxurious business card design that’s going to leave a strong first impression on the card recipient.


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Designed by Eva

For Fuzzy Peach V Spa

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