FullMistica graphic designer business cards

FullMistica Graphic Designer Business Card

Karen Mattiazzo designed these business cards for FullMistica, her self-branding as a graphic/digital designer and illustrator.

Karen’s business card design has all the charm you’d expect from a graphic designer.

“I tried to design a business card that’s clean and straight to the point,” Karen said.

“It needs to depict what I do but also with a witty remark, just to not be SO straight forward and formal. Perhaps to make the card recipients giggle and be curious to reach me.”

Karen incorporated her favourite graphic elements while portraying her brand in a unique and mysterious manner.


Crystal Illustrations for the Logo Design

Speaking of her logo design, Karen explained, “Crystals are precious and work in different ways to connect with the world around you and with yourself. The same holds true with design.”

She continued, “It started as something more mystical at first, to be honest. I used three crystals because the number 3 symbolises harmony, wisdom and understanding; past, present and future; beginning, middle and the end.”

“From a design perspective, it represents the three elements of ‘Design Thinking’ – empathy, expansive thinking, and experimentation.”

“I think this description actually fits well with the properties of crystals, like I mentioned earlier, about how crystals are unique and precious, and how they relate to design. That’s the message I wanted to convey through the logo.”

FullMistica crystal logo


A Hand-Drawn Typeface and Text Arrangements

The logotype on the business card is a thin font that’s hand-drawn by Karen herself, which gives her business card a clean and mystic vibe.

“After I hand-drew loads of options, this clean font seemed to be the best one to combine with the strong crystal illustrations, so it didn’t seem too heavy,” she said.

Karen placed an Instagram icon above the logotype, showing the brand name and her own Instagram profile in a single visual.

“I prefer people reaching out to me through Instagram. It’s less formal and showcases other projects I’m into, including things I don’t usually publish in my portfolio.”

“My email address is also a way to inform people about my website, which is after the @ symbol. That’s why the word ‘hi’ before the at symbol is slightly lighter than the rest of the text.”

Karen even added a short self-intro on her business card that resonates with anyone who has ever had a tangled headphone in their pocket – very witty indeed!

FullMistica graphic designer business card


Minimal Colours and Business Card Printing

The business card features a minimalist colour scheme, yet the turquoise palette shines through, and it serves to signify new growth, coolness, and gemstone.

According to Karen, sometimes she uses a cutter to create rounded corner business cards.

“I like rounded corners because they give a cozy and organic feel, not so sharp and brute.”

“Also, it gives the feel of something personal and personalised.”

These business cards were printed on 200gsm paper stock with a matte coating by PostNet, a printing company in São Paulo, Brazil.


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FullMistica graphic designer business cardsFullMistica packaging

Designed by Karen Mattiazzo

Printed by PostNet

For FullMistica personal branding

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