Frankowitsch business cards

Frankowitsch Delicatessen Shop Business Card

Simone Jauk and Stefanie Zimmermann designed these business cards for Frankowitsch, a delicatessen-shop and a family business located in Graz, Austria. It’s best known for its homemade sandwiches.

“Frankowitsch stands for eating and drinking, shopping and partying. Look, gossip, mess and spy on the next plate,” Simone and Stefanie said. “Everyone in Graz knows this institution, and many visitors plan a regular stop there.”

Apart from being a popular establishment that offers delicious desserts, Frankowitsch’s business card design is equally outstanding and eye-catching as well!

Frankowitsch branding

Nostalgic Feel from the Logo & Striped Pattern

According to the designers, the lettering on the front sign of the shop has existed since 1932.

“We went back to the brand’s origins and picked up this traditional lettering again for the rebranding.”

The beautiful retro typography evokes a nostalgic feel! Not to mention, it’s a perfect combo with the striped pattern design to convey a high-quality, luxury vibe.

Explaining the inspiration behind the pattern design, Simone and Stefanie said, “The design was inspired by the former hat boxes. Also, we were inspired by the striped awnings that can be found on the markets in Italy and that are somehow always associated with holidays.”

“A visit to Frankowitsch always evokes the feeling of a short vacation.”

Besides that, the striped pattern is also used on Frankowitsch’s packaging boxes, shopping bags and menu cards.

Frankowitsch packaging

Bright Colours & Duplexed Business Cards

The bright colour palette is another attractive element for the brand.

“The whole colour palette was inspired by the client’s sortiment: the delicious blackberry tartelets, the tasty pistachio cream, roast beef-bread, lobster spread, the exclusive caviar and of course, the lots of selected Italian delicatesses, which you can purchase at the store.”

The Infinitive Factory letterpress printed these business cards. It’s a small printing company in the heart of Graz that’s known for its high-quality custom letterpress.

“The business cards were duplexed, using Gmund Colors 46 300g for the front side and Materica Terra Rossa 360g for the backside. It was then finished with gold foil edges,” Simone and Stefanie said.

All in all, this is a beautiful business card design that preserves the brand’s quality while trying something new and delightful!


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Frankowitsch business card_backFrankowitsch business card_frontFrankowitsch packaging_2 Frankowitsch menu designFrankowitsch branding design

Designed by Simone Jauk and Stefanie Zimmermann

Photographed by LippZahnschirm

Printed by The Infinitive Factory

For Frankowitsch

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