Francisca Irene business card

Francis Irene Graphic Designer Business Card

Francisca Irene Design made these business cards for her self-branding as a graphic designer who’s specialized in branding and web designs.

Francisca Irene’s brand has an organic, minimal and natural touch. Speaking of her design inspiration, Francisca said, “The design was inspired by my values ​​and my history. The strokes were inspired by the lemon leaves which are very present in my day to day life and also during my childhood, since I was born in a large lemon field.”

Francisca Irene sketchesFrancisca Irene illustration

It’s a beautiful way to go back to basics and let the illustration and minimal design do the talking.

“The field, the sea … all these are ‘anchors’ that remind me of who I am and they should always present. I identify with these symbols, illustrations, 100% isotypes because they were designed under the same concept – my history and my values,” Francisca explained further.

These business cards were printed via calotype printing technique, with 1 letterpress ink on 350g natural paper by El Calotipo in Zaragoza, Spain. The overall design is clean, personal and effective.

Francisca Irene logoFrancisca Irene business card
Francisca Irene business cards

Designed by Francisca Irene Design

Printed by El Calotipo

For Francis Irene personal branding

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