Floral Stylist business card

Floral Stylist Business Card

Amanda Wells designed these business cards for Floral Stylist, a New Zealand-based florist that creates flowers and styling for weddings and events, always pushing creative boundaries.

Floral Stylist Co. is New Zealand’s answer to creative floristry. Owned by Sue Cameron, Floral Stylist’s designs are on trend and crafted with a discerning eye, reflecting nature’s colour palette, texture, diversity and seasonal change.

“I worked closely with Sue, Floral Stylist’s owner and director to create their new branding last year. The result was a stunning and colourful brand that really sets them apart from their competitors in the floral industry,” Amanda said.

Floral Stylist stationery

When it came to designing the business stationery, Amanda and her client simplified it back to being all about shape, texture and colour.

The business cards are uniquely designed with wave edges, at the same time using large font and letterpress effect to capture the prospect’s attention.

“The custom wavy edges and subtle letterpress logo create the perfect business card to sit amongst their beautiful blooms like a little leaf. These shapes and colours flow through all of their branding and touch points, and reflect their ethos of ‘artful elevation’,” Amanda explained.

The main logotype is based on a typeface called Sage, with a few tweaks to the shape and stroke weights. Gotham is the secondary font used on the business card.

The combination of green and purple is fantastic! It demonstrates the brand’s natural and sophisticated style.

These business cards were duplexed, die-cut and letterpress printed in-house by Amanda, using Colorplan chartreuse and lavender; while pristine white was used for the note cards.


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Designed by Amanda Wells at Inker Tinker

Printed by Amanda Wells

For Floral Stylist Co.

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