Flip Shop business card

Flip Shop Canvas Portraits Business Card

Maria Krtd designed these business cards for Flip Shop, a brand that sells canvas portraits that you get to colour yourself.

The business cards are super eye-catching and designed with an old-school cartoon style in mind.

The adorable cartoon mascot gets quite a bit of attention, which is further enhanced by the bold typography on both sides of the card.


Vintage Logo Design & Mascot

According to Maria, Flip Shop’s business card is designed to express happiness, joy, and good experience.

“For the brand identity, the client wanted the logo to have that vintage vibe with a cartoon style,” she said.

“So, I took inspiration from retro mascot characters for the logo design. The little guy in the logo is actually a paint drop.”

“At the same time, the logo should not be too colourful so that the logotype can stand out.”

Flip Shop cartoon_mascot


Playful Typography & Monochrome Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is the Gliker Font Family, which by itself has a unique, aesthetic and malleable voice.

Maria explained, “The reason I chose Gliker is because of its round and playful shapes.”

“Together with the illustration, they sum up to a joyful experience that the client wanted to bring to the customers.”

Maria opted for a monochrome colour palette for the brand as she didn’t want to overwhelm the experience with bright colours and outshine the logo itself.

“I ended up with a classic black and white combination for the brand colours.”

“Although, instead of white, I used a more vintage off-white shade.”

Flip Shop logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed in Maria’s own studio.

“I chose 350gsm ivory textured matte paper for the business cards. The business card size is 8.5 x 5.5 cm (European size),” Maria added.


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Flip Shop business cards

Designed & Printed by Maria Krtd

For Flip Shop

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