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Fine Flowers Florist Business Card

Meilissa Johana designed these business cards for Fine Flowers, a floral artisan based in Bali.

“The amazing woman behind the brand Fine Flowers is Jessica Teguh, who just moved to Bali, the island of paradise to build her new chapter,” Meilissa said.

“Jessica is a friend of mine and she knew that I’ve always been into designs and illustrations. She likes how I illustrate things and mostly flowers. Since she wanted to create a more meaningful logo where she combines initials and flowers, she decided to work with me and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

Fine Flowers logo


The Logo Design

Knowing her as a friend, Meilissa knew that Jessica is a very strong and independent woman who knows what she wants. Due to that, Meilissa was inspired to create the main icon logo using the initial ‘F’ in thick font to represent independence and boldness.

“However, just like flowers, there’s always a soft side in every bold and vibrant colour. Therefore, we needed something more subtle to accompany this, and this is where we use the simple type font for the brand name – capital letters with a lot of kerning.”

“I’ve also made another customised trademark logo, which is only used for her Instagram posts.”

Fine Flowers logo breakdown


Colour Palette & Floral Illustration

Meilissa proposed warm tones, focusing mainly on brown for the brand’s colour palette.

“Using mostly brown, nude or earthy tone with the help of other vibrant colours (in creating beautiful accents) will make the brand more subtle. Flowers usually resemble a feminine or sweet tone, but we both wanted the entire brand vibes to represent herself.”

As for the flower illustration, it was based on pampas, a very beautiful type of grass. “I wanted the illustration style to be simple, but still have that level of details.”

Fine Flowers illustration

These business cards were printed by Kyub Studio in Bandung, Indonesia.

According to Meilissa, they decided to use blind embossing printing technique for the logo as it made the cards look more exclusive and tactile.

“On the back of the card, there’s an illustration next to the contact details. We wanted to highlight the illustrations by having gold foil on it. However, since our colour palette is mostly brown, we wanted the gold to look more like bronze instead so that they could fit in better. We both were very pleased by how the card turned out – look at the amount of details put into the card!”

All in all, it’s an elegant and delicate business card design that didn’t fail to impress!


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Fine Flowers floral_illustrationFine Flowers_embossedFine Flowers colour paletteFine Flowers letterheadFine Flowers branding

Designed by Meilissa Johana

Printed by Kyub Studio

For Fine Flowers

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