Femme Sucree business card

Femme Sucrée Fashion Business Card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for Femme Sucrée, an elegant online boutique that specializes in female fashion.

Mike was approached by the client to design a timeless elegant monogram that could be used on all aspects of their business: from embroidering on clothing and bags to printing on packaging and labels.

Femme Sucree Monogram Logo Femme Sucree business card2

Apart from that, the card chosen a portrait layout and incorporate the brand’s monogram within its repeated pattern for that impressive and luxurious look!

“I designed a unique branded pattern for the client to use alongside the monogram and what could be implemented throughout the business. The colours used are gold and cream giving the overall branding an elegant look and feel,” Mike explained.

These business cards were printed on 600gsm paper stock by Super Luxury Business Cards in UK, with debossing on the front and gold foil for the logo.

Femme Sucree business cardFemme Sucree Packaging Femme Sucree Packaging 2

Designed by Mike Knapek

Printed by Super Luxury Business Card

For Femme Sucrée

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