Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges business cards

Fazenda Fortaleza Coffee Farm Business Card

Carlos Bauer designed these business cards for Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges, a small coffee farm in the south of Minas Gerais state, Brazil, focused on specialty coffee production. Patrícia Borges, who is in charge of the business, is a third-generation producer.

“The visual identity was inspired by tile patterns as a metaphor for union and multiplication — very important ideas for the brand and in the whole specialty coffee chain. The tiles are also a strong cultural and historical reference in Minas Gerais,” Carlos replied when asked about the inspiration behind the design.

Fazenda Fortaleza business cards
“I designed the symbol with four variations that illustrate the steps of coffee production: the plant, the fruit, the sieve used for harvesting and the coffee bean. In the business cards the modules work just like tiles: they come together to form something bigger.”

According to Carlos, the slab serif BioRhyme by Aoife Mooney is used in the logo and titles, and it is paired with Guanabara Sans by brazilian Rodrigo Saiani from studio Plau.

“Overall, I aimed to combine tradition with a modern look and express hospitality in a warmth way,” Carlos added.

Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges businesscard Fazenda Fortaleza businesscard
These business cards were silkscreen-printed in one colour on a 400g/m² natural fiber paper by J P Impressos in Curitiba, Brazil.

“Plus, there was an emboss application with the brand stamp that says ‘specialty coffee • made with love’ in Portuguese,” Carlos said. “The tactile and artisanal result also reinforce the quality of the handcrafted coffee handling.”

Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges stationery Fazenda Fortaleza business cardFazenda Fortaleza dos Borges brand stamp

Designed by Carlos Bauer

Printed by J P Impressos

For Fazenda Fortaleza dos Borges

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