Fateri business cards

Fatéri Bakery Business Card

Melina and Raphael designed these business cards for Fatéri, an artisanal gluten free bakery, which is also a family business.

“The client, Leticia, perfected her recipe for gluten-free French bread to serve her celiac son. Thus, a company of breads, cakes, pizzas and more was born. All of this is free of gluten and cross-contamination,” Melina and Raphael said.

Fateri labelsFateri paper wrap
Leticia needed a professional branding for her gluten-free business. The design idea was to convey a family/childhood feeling where warm French bread was always at the table; something that was created with a vintage, friendly, inclusive and welcoming footprint.

Melina and Raphael managed the entire branding project, including its naming, visual branding, bags, stationery and of course, business card design.

The Naming of Fatéri

Fateri logo2

The brand name ‘Fateri’ was originated from the Latin word ‘da Fatéri’, which means ‘to admit’ (including to welcome, to accept and to remember fraternal). In other words, it means to allow, enable, behave, consent, accept, acknowledge and accept. In this case, the reception concerns people with gluten intolerance.

Logo Design & Graphics

The logotype which was hand-drawn with the letter ‘F’ plays a role of welcoming and inclusion.

“The letter ‘F’ goes through the whole word, offering a line that puts the letters in the same group, as intolerant people. In addition, each letter is made calmly, lovingly and delicately drawn one by one: like the breads and delicacies of Fatéri.”

“The tagline accompanies the welcoming ‘F’ line and, in a smiley format, says what the customer wants and needs to have ‘gluten-free life’,” Melina and Raphael explained.

The overall Fatéri branding has a vintage feel, especially a reminder to people’s childhood.  As for the symbol, there’s actually an interesting aspect to it – hidden loaves!

“The symbol is a child that can be interpreted as our longing for childhood and delicious foods, like French bread always on the table. At a second glance, there are breads hidden in the drawing: one on the tongue and three tubes in the hair. These breads symbolize the childhood memory and the pleasure of eating bread, which is already part of that person.”

On the business cards, the symbol appears in different graphic versions with each of the variation admiring different types of food, one for each gluten-free product category: whole and French bread (breads), cake (sweets) and a slice of pizza (snacks/the savory).

Fateri illustrationFateri_business cards2

Colour Palette & Square Layout

The brand colours are beige, orange, pink and purple. They are linked to the products and their delicious colours.

“The light colour represents the mix of flours while the dark and light orange represent the star product: crunchy rind and soft bread crumb. To contrast, an intense purple plays the role of childhood memories: flavors that remain in the life of the intolerant person thanks to Fatéri.”

Fateri print design
Instead of the usual rectangular shape, a square layout was chosen for Fatéri’s business card so that it could function as a tag on the products; making it easy to punch a hole on the side and to be placed on bread packages, cakes, pizzas etc.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. According to Melina and Raphael, they would suggest the business cards to remain as simple as possible with 4/4 colours and no special finishes.

Fateri business cardsFateri stationeryFateri stationery2Fateri bagsFateri_tote bagsFateri apron

Designed by Melina and Raphael

For Fatéri

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