Farmhouse business cards

Farmhouse Restaurant Business Card

Kirsten Bolender designed these business cards for Farmhouse, a sustainable restaurant based in Frankfurt, Germany.

“The concept of the ‘Farmhouse’ is based on the Farm-To-Table movement. Since the majority of the food is grown in the internal vegetable farm, the customers know exactly where the ingredients are coming from,” Kirsten said.

“They can enjoy the high-quality dishes that are made with fresh ingredients only. Therefore, the business card design has to look ‘organic, lively and authentic’.”

Farmhouse branding

Logo & Pattern Designs

The logo design consists of the picture logo – a head of lettuce – and the brand name, as well as the slogan ‘Fair. Farm. Food.’.

The organic design elements (plate, carrots, lettuce, toppings etc.), which can be arranged individually, serve as the background for the salad dishes in the farmhouse, which can be put together individually as well.

Farmhouse logoFarmhouse patterns

Colours & Typography

“The farmhouse is a young, creative and innovative company. These aspects are underlined by the choice of colours, which is particularly colourful and very unique,” Kirsten said.

“The primary colour is the field grey. It should again, create a reference to ‘nature and environmental awareness’. The colours are rather unsaturated to create a certain harmony.”

The typography used in the visual identity is called Brandon Grotesque. It is a sans serif font designed by the German designer, Hannes von Döhren.

“It is based on geometric shapes and is characterized by the fact that it is easy to read and looks very friendly.”

Farmhouse business cards2Farmhouse colour palette

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “Ideally, the business cards should be printed on recycled and thicker paper, since the company stands for sustainability.”

“The paper should be rough and matt so that the visual and the haptic harmonize. As seen in the design, they can have coloured edges, which would make them look even more special,” Kirsten suggested.

Farmhouse_business cardsFarmhouse stationeryFarmhouse coaster_menuFarmhouse Paper Bags Farmhouse Restaurant coffee cups

Designed by Kirsten Bolender

For Farmhouse Restaurant

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