Fabriclore business card

Fabriclore Handcrafted Fabrics Business Card

Mechi Co. Design designed these business cards for Fabriclore, an e-commerce platform that sells handcrafted and sustainable fabrics.

The brand name, ‘Fabric’ and ‘Lore’, means traditional knowledge of fabrics. Fabriclore is constantly inspires and collaborates with contemporary designers to create unique boho and fusion designs. Apart from that, it also source fabrics from traditional craft masters and traditional keepers.

Fabriclore approached Mechi Co. Design in need of rebranding, hoping to bring different types of textiles under one umbrella while keeping the entire brand consistent in terms of look and feel.

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Logo & Design Inspiration

Fabrics inspired the entire branding strategy, which was based on everything from how it was made, its sustainability aspect, the techniques involved, the colours used in fabric dyes to the different traditional art cultures.

“The brand should derive inspiration from the motion of the fabrics. The business card design itself should portray and celebrate the culture, heritage of textiles, artisans, and the community involved in making these fabrics. The essence we are trying to capture is modern yet giving cues to traditional art cultures,” said Meroo and Nachiket, the Founders of Mechi Co. Design.

The logo was mainly inspired by waves, which represent the fluidic motion of fabrics. The typographic wordmark’s foundation is Grotesque, which is known for being crude in form but with a lot of visual character.

The half-circle on top of the letter ‘I’ was inspired by the ancient Devanagari script that adds a cultural and spiritual touch. It is the imperfection that serves as the foundation for communication between two people and two cultures.

With this in mind, Mechi Co. Design incorporated some asymmetry on the right, added some weight to the letter ‘R’ with an elongated curve, emphasising the imperfect nature of both global cultures and individuals.

Fabriclore logoFabriclore illustrations


The chosen typefaces are a distinct fusion of classic and modern, something that can defy the modern wave of geometric sans serif without compromising on legibility and not getting lost into the mirage of slab serifs.

As a result, a serif typeface named Recoleta is used (for headlines) that appears both vintage and modern at the same time, while the body text uses a classic font called Brandon Grotesque.

Fabriclore stationery_2Fabriclore motifs

Color Palette & Motifs

Skobeloff green and tan colours were chosen as primary colours. They are commonly found in global cultures, both past and present. Mechi Co. Design even created a colour palette of up to 10 colours based on natural dyes from flora and fauna.

The motif style was influenced by the hand blocks. The look feels natural, sustainable and clean. The entire motif selection and iconography were hand drawn in water colour, resulting a visual that’s more approachable, human, visually asymmetric, and without any sharp corners.

According to Meroo and Nachiket, the business cards would be printed on a 300gsm matte paper with the Fabriclore logo embossed to give them a sense of texture, as texture is one of the key factors in fabrics.

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Designed by Mechi Co. Design

For Fabriclore

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