Eye Of The Tiger safari business card

Eye Of The Tiger Safari Touring Business Card

9133 Design Studio designed these business cards for Eye Of The Tiger, a jungle safari service in Ranthambore, India.

This safari tour operator business card design is simple yet intriguing! The design puts the main focus on the meaningful logo, where all the elements play out together in defining what the brand is all about.

Eye of The Tiger offers wildlife safari tours in Ranthambore National Park, the land of the Royal Bengal Tiger.


Brand Image

The brand’s vision is to provide visitors with an adventure that brings them closer to nature and gives them a deep insight into the habitats, lives and characteristics of animals in the wild.

According to Anusha Nawalgaria, the graphic designer at 9133 Studio, they hoped to evoke multiple sensory experiences with the business card:

  • bold (established by high contrast black and white, and type choices);
  • tactile (using letterpress as a method of printing);
  • interactive (like a Safari experience; creating an emblem/environment that invites you to search/discover elements hidden within it).


Safari-themed Logo Design

The brand’s vision is to provide visitors with an adventure that brings them closer to nature and gives them a deep insight into the habitats, lives and characteristics of animals in the wild.

Anusha explained that while many other logos featured just tiger stripes, they used elements from the forest and tools that aid in animal spotting to design an emblem.

Taking inspiration from camouflage, they hid certain elements within the logo to make a clear reference to the brand’s main idea.

“The tiger’s eyes are camouflaged between the leaves, making it seem as though we’re spotting a tiger,” she said.

“The binoculars are hidden beautifully within the foliage. In a range of greens, the Eye of the Tiger comes to life.”

Eye Of The Tiger safari touring logo

“What we love most about the design is that every time you look at the logo, you’ll notice something new, just like you do every time you go out to experience a safari in the forest!”

For those who have trouble spotting the logo’s hidden illustrations, you can get a big hint on the card’s reverse side. Catch them on each corner of the business card!

Apart from that, they’re also part of the secondary logos Anusha created for the brand and its extensions.


The Inspiration behind the Emblem

It’s a smart idea to merge all the illustrative elements into an emblem. When asked about the inspiration behind it, Anusha shared, “The safari industry is a fairly disorganized sector. Eye of the Tiger hopes to bring some structure and semblance into this landscape.”

“By providing end-to-end services for jungle enthusiasts and tourists alike, they are attracting a wide range audience.”

“By creating an emblem that encourages interaction, this is the first point of contact for most consumers with the brand.”

“They begin to take a journey into the world of the forest by starting to search for different elements like the tiger, its eyes, the foliage and binoculars.”

“It also encourages the concept of camouflage – the fact that something can be hidden in plain sight, but it takes multiple views to be able to see it.”


Bold Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is Nippo, which is a bold font that’s able to catch people’s attention in a crowded logo.

Nippo is a blocky font with chiseled edges. This brings about an edge that helps the font/name of the brand stand out in comparison to the densely illustrated symbol.”

Other typefaces used on the business cards are Teko Variable (for header) and Josefin Sans (for body text).

Teko Variable is a font with a similar vibe to Nippo, but taller x-height. We used this to create a clear hierarchy without disrupting the edge that Nippo brought to the branding.”

Josefin Sans, on the other hand, is a well-rounded Google Font that’s easy to read and contrasts with our headline fonts, making it a solid choice so that it could seamlessly translate into the other verticals of the brand.”

Eye Of The Tiger safari touring logotype


Black and White Colour Scheme

According to Anusha, the colours are chosen to camouflage well in a jungle.

While the brand colours used are mainly green tones, black and white were chosen for the business cards. This gives an interesting contrast to the brand and fits the minimal design of the business cards.

“While the client was convinced the brand needed touches of green in its major points of communication (Instagram and website), we suggested they make a black and white business card.”

“That way, it could stand out in the sea of green, orange and black business cards that exist in this space. This helped differentiate their brand further.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Anusha suggested having them printed on thick 250gsm paper with a textured feel.

“The logo would be letterpress-printed in classic black for a premium feel.”


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Eye Of The Tiger safari business cardsEye Of The Tiger safari branding

Designed by 9133 Design Studio

For Eye Of The Tiger

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