Ever RED business card

Ever RED Real Estate Business Card

Megan Reyes designed these business cards for Ever RED, a team of professionals who specialise in investing in, developing, managing, or marketing high-quality residential, commercial, and retail projects in the Greater Edmonton Area.

Ever RED approached Everyother Studio for the branding project. The business card design is super striking with its choice of colours, and the design itself appears to be simple and straightforward.

According to Megan, the co-founder of Everyother Studio, “The client wanted the visual identity to convey boldness, modernism, and trustworthiness.”

Ever RED mobile_2

Logo Design

On the card, you can see three white bars that seem geometrical and three-dimensional.

Explaining the inspiration behind it, Megan said, “The foundation of the identity is a simple extrusion of three bars to make an obvious ‘E’ (the first letter of the brand name). It also shows dimensionality to all facets of the company that represents growth and future-focused.”

Ever RED icon

Typography & Colours

The uppercase condensed typeface is called Politica Extra Bold, and the body text font is called Inter Bold.

“Politica Extra Bold is the same font as the logotype, so it was fitting to use that one for the names. We used Inter Bold for the rest of the text because of the modern aesthetic that the brand was going for,” Megan explained.

Ever RED logo

The word ‘RED’ is an acronym in the company’s name that stands for Real Estate Developments. Hence, red is used as the main colour for the identity.

“Red also captures the boldness that the brand was going for to really make the card stand out.”

These business cards were printed on 18pt Colorplan Bright Red uncoated paper stock with white ink.

Ever RED business cardEver RED poster_1Ever RED poster_2Ever RED poster_3Ever RED_sign

Designed by Megan Reyes at Everyother Studio

For Ever RED

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