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Eunoia Organic Skincare Business Card

Marija Vasilijić designed these business cards for Eunoia, an organic skincare brand committed to providing high-quality, luxurious natural skincare solutions to customers.

Eunoia upholds its core values of sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of its operations.

According to Marija, the design goal was to capture the essence of the brand and create a brand identity that not only communicates Eunoia’s values but also exudes luxury.

The business cards have successfully portrayed a minimalist and timeless design, but not without a clever twist: a subtle flower illustration has been incorporated, adding a touch of grace and elegance to Eunoia’s overall image!

But before we go into that, let’s first take a look at the eye-catching logotype featured on the business card.


Logo Design

Marija created a unique wordmark logo with custom typography to bring Eunoia’s vision to life.

She said, “The idea behind the wordmark logo is a combination of luxury and natural elements.”

“The wavy elements on the letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ add a touch of elegance and fluidity, while also suggesting a connection to the organic and natural aspects of the brand.”

“Our aim with this design choice is to create a unique and visually appealing logo that communicates the brand’s values.”

Eunoia logo_logotype


Elegant Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is IvyPresto display serif font.

“I went with Ivy Presto based on its elegant and classic appeal,” Marija explained.

“Display serifs have a knack for exuding luxury and refinement, perfectly aligning with the brand’s mission of offering a high-quality and luxurious skincare line.”

“What’s more, the custom typography featuring those distinctive wavy elements adds a memorable touch to the logo, strengthening Eunoia’s identity.”


Floral Illustration

Marija also added a floral illustration, not just on the business card but also in the brand’s packaging design.

She stated that such a decision was made to emphasise the natural ingredients and processes behind each product.

“The floral illustration on the business card serves as a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to natural beauty.”

“It adds a visual element that evokes a sense of nature and botanicals, aligning with the brand’s organic skincare focus.”

You’ll notice the grainy texture is also presented in the identity to add depth and character to it as well.


Colour Palette

Marija stated that the choice of black and ivory shades for the business cards goes beyond sophistication.

“These neutral colours often evoke a sense of elegance, simplicity, and timelessness.”

“They provide a clean and minimalistic aesthetic that can help the brand’s visual identity appear more balanced and harmonious.”

“Moreover, neutral colours like ivory often symbolise purity and cleanliness, qualities closely associated with skincare products.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are currently mockups, but if they ever get printed, Marija suggested printing them on heavy recycled paper stock with the embossed illustration on the back of the card.

“By combining embossing with sustainable paper stock, the business cards can effectively communicate the brand’s commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility,” she added.


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Designed by Marija Vasilijić

For Eunoia

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