Esther Rodriguez Event Planner Business Card

Sarah Bürvenich designed these business cards for Esther Rodriguez, who specializes in event management, production and delivery.

“Event management and production entails overseeing a myriad of moving parts, coordinating people in different locations. The ability to think on one’s feet and making quick effective decisions on the spot – when deadlines are tight and client expectations need to be met – is only one of many qualities of a good event coordinator,” Sarah explained when been asked about her client’s nature of business.

Sarah managed the branding project from start to finish, including creative direction, design and illustrations for Esther’s personal branding.

“The core visual cue for this personal brand identity is based on dance steps. The footsteps are marked with her initials E + R (rather than the traditional L + R for left and right foot). It’s a playful analogy for all the steps to make an event great.”

“Have you ever watched professional dancers and admired their seemingly effortless movement and grace? Confidence and smooth transitions are the result of training and the ability to improvise comes with experience.”

“I felt that Esther’s personality – her passion for jazz and dancing – sealed the creative direction for her personal brand, which is representative for both her professional and personal life. The identity is more about storytelling and a feeling rather than strict brand elements – her logo represents a starting point for any challenge: Ready, Steady, Go!” Sarah said.

The typography used in the visual identity is Gabriela from Latinotype Foundry.

This is indeed a refreshing and striking business card design that exudes passion and professionalism while maintaining a friendly vibe.

Esther Rodriguez business cardEsther Rodriguez Envelope

Designed by Sarah Bürvenich

For Esther Rodriguez

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