Epoch Watch Repair Business Card

Epoch Watch Repair Business Card

Victor Bucio designed these business cards for Epoch, a watch repair company.

“My dad had gotten me a brand new watch and at the time I had to create a project for my class,” Victor said.

“I decided to create business cards for a watch repair company.”

“Then, I decided to play with the typography to really make it stand out.”

“The idea was to give dark still time vibes, and so, I selected to use black and white which to me feels time stopping.”

When asked about the brand name ‘Epoch’, Victor replied, “Epoch means a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.”

“That is why I chose to name the company ‘Epoch’. I also always like to incorporate my modern minimalist style to any project I do.”

Currently, these business cards are just mock-ups, but Victor provided us some ideas if they ever get printed.

He suggested, “I would go to a trusted professional printing company near me and have them do it.”

“But, if I did it manually I would make it bleeds all around the card so there is no printing gap.”

“Also high black and white ink! Which is now available for the white colour too.”

“I would definitely try out the new white ink that has come into the industry.”


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Designed by Victor Bucio

For Epoch

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