El Centro Marketing Business Cards

El Centro Marketing Business Card

Saturna Studio designed these business cards for El Centro, a sales & marketing agency specialized and focused on real estate industry, based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Besides designing these sophisticated business cards, Saturna Studio was also responsible for the naming and designing of El Centro’s visual identity, stationery and the booklet/sales book.

“We share the love for Guadalajara in this branding project where we communicated the unique experience of living in downtown – focused in the architecture, amenities, new developments to the lifestyle that the downtown area can offer you,” explained Moisés E. Guillén Romero, the Art Director of Saturna Studio.


Logo Design

When asked about the inspirations behind the architectural illustration on the business card, Moisés replied,

“Our inspiration was taken from the ancient building architecture of Guadalajara, the shield or symbol of the logotype is an illustration from a small part of the main cathedral located at the downtown of the city.”

“This way we can communicate the iconic architecture of this zone that is surrounded by several real estate developments that El Centro is in charge of managing and selling.”

el centro marketing agency logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed using hot stamping method, or hot silver foiling.

“When it comes to printing, we always send our packaging and stationary items to a friend of ours, she owns a printing workshop called Ya Multi Impresos, near to our agency.”

“She has the best papers, materials and print finishes to bring the best quality to each project of our clients,” Moisés complimented.

For the case of El Centro, the mutual trust between the designing agency and printing company paid off because the business cards look clean and exceptional!


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El Centro Marketing Business Cards

Designed by Saturna Studio

Printed by Ya Multi Impresos

For El Centro

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