El Calotipo business card

El Calotipo Printing Business Card

El Calotipo designed these business cards as part of their corporate identity as a graphic design and printing studio.

“We specialise in corporate identity, packaging, web design, stationery and editorial design. We apply our own printing techniques such as letterpress, screen printing, stamping or many others, either on works of our own creation or on freelance artists’ and other studio works worldwide,” said Nelson, the graphic designer at El Calotipo.

Using a special type of paper, the business cards are beautifully designed with a sense of nature and to express a clean, timeless design that reflects the craftsmanship of the company.

“We tried to show a natural, rustic style with the use of wooden paper for the business cards,” Nelson explained.

El Calotipo_logo2

This is an interesting paper choice, which is made out of paper and a wood décor laminate. The surface gives a striking resemblance to real wood, which can be expensive or quite difficult to process.

The lettering design from the logo was custom-made. It has a retro yet artistic feel to it. Other typefaces used for the contact information are Hoefler Text and Baskerville.

The business cards were printed in-house using letterpress printing on Woodside Garden Pine paper (GF Smith) and white natural paper, which were both duplexed to make them look exclusive and elegant.

El Calotipo business card_3 El Calotipo business cards El Calotipo logo

Designed & Printed by El Calotipo

For El Calotipo corporate branding

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