Ekkon business card

Ekkon Rentals Business Card

Estúdio Kuumba designed these business cards for Ekkon, an Italian start-up that aims to offer all types of products for short/medium term rentals to its consumers.

Ekkon approached Estúdio Kuumba for the branding project, including designing the company’s logo, packaging and business cards.

The Naming of Ekkon

Ekkon is a platform that allows users to offer their products for rent, earning something in return. Its main vision is a green future, where the ideas of ‘circular economy’, ‘green economy’, ‘shared economy’ and ‘waste prevention’ are fundamental. Therefore, it’s important for its brand identity to reflect these qualities.

The name, Ekkon, was inspired from the Greek saying ‘Ek Koinon (ἐκ κοινοῦ)’ which means ‘Sharing in common’. This saying also appears in Hēsíod’s (the poet) work, “When shared together, the pleasure is greatest and the expense is least”, which is the idea behind the brand’s approach – sharing of goods and using them only when they are needed.

Ekkon logo and graphic patternEkkon branding

Logo, Illustration & Colours

Estúdio Kuumba developed a clean symbol that showed the idea of purchase or rent, based on what makes the brand unique – bringing joy in the exchange of goods in an ecological way. They created a personalized logo that inspired by script fonts, with unique curvature and fluent rhythm. It conveys an elegant, modern design with a corporate and friendly appearance.

The graphics were designed to represent the concept of sustainability together with illustrations that represent it, inspired by the organic forms of nature.

As for the colour palette, they explored shades of colours related to ecology and modernity – green, wine and beige.

As a company that supports zero waste, their business card is very different from the other ‘green companies’. Overall, the visual identity is super appealing, eco-friendly and is able to stand out from its competitors.

Ekkon business cardsEkkon bag and box designEkkon Visa cardEkkon jacket and delivery bagsEkkon packaging design2

Designed by Estúdio Kuumba

For Ekkon

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