Eclecttico business card

Eclecttico Interior Designer Business Card

Aderly Duval designed these business cards for Eclecttico, owned by Lisa M. De Los Santos, a high-end interior designer and a 3D Visual Artist from the Dominican Republic.

“The brand name comes from combining the words Eclectic (in Spanish) and Eclectico (Italian) together: ‘Eclettico’. Eclecttico means a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends and colours, which is exactly what we wanted to portray in the branding. We wanted something very classic and timeless but with a bit of edge to it,” Aderly explained.

Eclecttico Shop Facade LogoEclecttico colour palette
“The colour palette we chose is very earthy and a bit vintage, I would say. We decided on 4 main colours: Rust, Royal, Emerald, and Sand. The font I used (as base) for Eclecttico is Benton Modern in light but several modifications in the vertical scale and the unification in the TT’s. For the hand lettering font, we wanted it to look like a closing signature so we used Magenta regular for a more unique look.”

eclecttico_1 eclecttico_2 eclecttico_3
These business cards are not printed but if they were, “We really want to make an impression with these cards. My recommendation was for them to be printed on 16pt premium paper; with natural fibers that show through on a slightly rippled, canvas-like texture. This type of paper along with the rich colours of the branding will give it a stylish and sophisticated look,” Aderly suggested.

Eclecttico_Rust Eclecttico card_Emerald Eclecttico_RoyalEclecttico business card

Designed by Aderly Duval

For Eclecttico (Lisa M. De Los Santos)

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