Dravite fragrance business card

Dravite Home Fragrance Business Card

Eva designed these business cards for Dravite, an Emirati-based company that offers luxury home fragrances.

These unconventional business cards have an unusual shape inspired by crystal to express its premium and sophisticated feel.

It stands out immediately from the rest of the regular cards, not to mention the use of silver foil printing that adds to the luxurious brand image.


The Brand Image

Eva stated that all Dravite products are handmade using only the highest ingredients.

Currently, their products are “all-purpose sprays” and “Bukhoor/Bakhoor’.

The brand name, Dravite, was inspired by a type of crystal from the tourmaline gemstone group with the same name.

She explained, “The crystal is known for its soothing properties, and my client wanted to make unique products that provide a soothing and calming atmosphere for her customers.”

“The message that this brand sends is that products are made with the finest quality ingredients, resulting in a high quality end product that fills the air with positive and relaxing vibes and has a long-lasting scent.”

Dravite fragrance_packaging box


Logo Design and QR Code

According to Eva, the idea was to create a simple yet unique design for the logomark.

“The brand’s logo symbolises a few elements that are merged together.”

“This includes the crystal shape that is authentic for dravite stones, and also an infinity sign inside that symbolises the long-lasting scent.”

“The latter is positioned in a special way to look like it’s coming from the small crystal/diamond shape inside.”

“It almost looks like it’s moving, which was an idea to get the effect of the flame.”

The business card also has a QR code for customers to access the Dravite social media page easily.

Dravite fragrance business cards_2


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is Culture.

Eva commented, “We wanted an elegant font with serifs that shows luxury when it comes to the logotype.”

“Also, the letter ‘A’ has that high curve, which is exactly what the logo mark has as well (on the top part inside of the crystal), so they are connected that way too.”

Eva explained that black was chosen as the main colour for the brand because Dravite is a very dark crystal.

“It’s very elegant and high-end, and beige is used as a supporting colour for the brand.”

However, silver foil is used alongside black for the business card design instead.

“We wanted to achieve that contrast so that our brand mark would stand out more prominently and make it look more unique on labels.”

“Silver foil is one of the main elements to do that.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Both Dravite’s unique business cards and thank-you cards are made in the shape of the logo.

Eva pointed out, “Since the mark is very authentic and is used on labels as a very eye-catching detail, we decided to create the business cards based on the logo shape.”

“They were printed on very thick 400gsm black textured paper, die-cut into the shape of the logo.”

“We have a mark in silver foil at the front, and on the back, we have all the information in silver foil as well as the QR code.”


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Designed by Eva

For Dravite

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