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Dr. Vinicius Musial Cardiologist Business Card

Juliana Rodrigues and Julia Lückfett designed these business cards for Dr. Vinicius Musial, a cardiologist.

According to Juliana and Julia, the client’s purpose is to provide humanized care with a focus on creating a relationship with his patients, prioritizing wellness, longevity and quality of life.

“Based on this objective, we seek to emphasize what’s the most important in us through the business card design: the heart, human emotions and the importance of always taking care of yourself.”

The business card is designed to express elegance and modernity. Also, it has an illustration of an anatomical heart with minimalist details, to emphasize the doctor’s area of expertise and facilitate the understanding of their customers – having your contact quickly and practically.

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Logo, Typography & Colours

Explaining more about the inspiration behind the logo design, Juliana and Julia said, “The visual identity follows an exclusive concept based on the name Vinicius Musial, showing a classic and sophisticated monogram of the letters ‘V’ and ‘M’. To finish, an illustration of an anomalous heart with minimal details was developed, which is used as a print and a blazon.”

“The typography of the name was adapted so that it was in harmony with the monogram and the entire identity, but the auxiliary font used was the Proza Libre Family.”

However, Juliana and Julia believed that the final touch in resulting this beautiful brand, was the choice of colour palette.

Dr. Vinicius Musial colour palette

“Despite red and blue being widely used by cardiologists in their logos (as colours of our veins), we chose to prioritize red in the visual identity but in a strategic and differentiated way.”

“We use dark (red) tones to convey the idea of professionalism and the mature brand, together with shades of beige that conveys confidence, wisdom and seriousness.”

The client handled the card-printing himself. When asked about the possible printing outcome, they suggested, “The business cards would be printed on matte paper or with matte lamination, and high base weight so that they leave the touch and finishes discreet, resistant and elegant.”

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Designed by Juliana Rodrigues & Julia Lückfett

For Dr. Vinicius Musial

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