Dr Sahakyan business cards

Dr. Sahakyan Cosmetologist Business Card

Anna Grigoryan designed these business cards for Dr. Sahakyan, a cosmetologist.

“This project was based on the concept of self-love and self-care, which is why we want to break beauty standards and accept our natural beauty. Instead of changing ourselves, we should figure out what works best for our skin,” Anna said.

The business card design has a natural look and feel, but also an air of elegance. The logotype is based on the initials of the business owner (Dr. Sahakyan), with blink icons that represent glamour that can be found on both sides of the business card.

Dr Sahakyan logo2

“Dr. Sahakyan’s main brand message was to emphasise every woman’s natural beauty and to demonstrate that we are all beautiful in our own way,” Anna explained.

“The inspiration was based on the client’s requests. So, we sought to convey her ideology of ‘balance is the key to success,’ by combining this elegant typeface with modern elements.”

The colour palette for this branding is light, feminine and natural. The three essential colours used are dark orange-brown and soft pink shades.

Dr Sahakyan colours

“Almond and Seashell symbolise simplicity and Peru stands for balance and contrast, which are main features of the brand.”

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Italiana and Open Sans.

These business cards were printed on 300gsm soft-textured linen paper.

Dr Sahakyan business cardsDr Sahakyan logo Dr Sahakyan social media

Designed by Anna Grigoryan

For Kristina Sahakyan (Dr. Sahakyan)

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