DOZ furniture business card

DO:Z Furniture Product Business Card

My Name Is Wendy designed these business cards for DO:Z, a furniture product that’s created, produced and patented by a French company named LGZ.

The design of the business cards is striking, with the primary colours being black and white.

It’s worth noting that the business cards’ large typography is yet another killer feature!

My Name Is Wendy handled the artistic direction of this branding project, from designing its 3D models, graphic identity and product design of its four collections: Public, B2B, B2C & Luxury.

They even came up with the name of this unique and functional object.


The Naming of the Brand

LGZ’s main product is an intermediary between a chair and a support. It’s an object that can be found in both public and private spaces.

According to Carole and Eugénie, the founders of the design studio, the client trusted them with the branding, including naming the furniture as well.

“The brand name, DO:Z, refers to the word “dos” in French, which means “back” in English.”

“The inspiration was based on the concept of support, with the word “dossier” in French, which means “backrest” of the chair.”

“At the same time, the letter ‘Z’ symbolizes the shape of the furniture.”

DOZ furniture product design


Logo Design & Bold Typography

The bold font of the logotype was eye-catching, and it was custom-designed especially for this brand.

“We wanted to propose a bold, ‘heavy’ lettering to evoke the metallurgy, which is similar to the client’s profession.”

“The two cuts in the closed letters are a technical detail that allows the logo to be cut in steel and to make the letters fit.”

“The client wanted this technical aspect to be included in the logo (you can see it on a chair).”

Carole and Eugénie created the logos – DO:Z and LGZ (the name of the company marketing the furniture) – on the same typographic construction.

“Thick lettering allows for efficient and visible cutting into the steel,” they added.

DOZ furniture logo_animationDOZ furniture product_LGZ


Wavy Pattern Design

Another fascinating element is the wavy pattern on the contact side of the business card. It shows fluidity while separating the contact details from the company address seamlessly.

Carole and Eugénie explained, “The wavy pattern on the business card is a sign we created to symbolize the chair.”

“This aesthetic sign can be used not just in pattern design but also as a wallpaper for some communication supports.”

“It is notably used on the cardboard of the packaging (left side).”


Black and White Color Palette

While the product designs are more versatile with their variety of colors and textures, the business cards, however, are sticking to a monochrome palette.

“The printed collaterals, such as business cards and letterhead, are using mainly black and white to draw attention to (in contrast to) the collections of the furniture, which are based on a range of colors or patterns depending on the sales sector.”

Overall, this is a sleek and modern business card design that shows creativity and stands out from the crowd!


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Designed by My Name is Wendy

For DO:Z (for LGZ)

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