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Dose Fit Food Box Business Card

Nicole Gröff designed these business cards for Dose Fit, a healthy and frozen food box brand based in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil.

“The brand is aimed at people who are in the process of recovering from diseases or surgeries, as well as those that keep a healthy eating routine. These people often find it difficult to eat in a balanced way due to, among other reasons, to bad experiences when consuming low quality and unpleasant taste products,” Nicole said.

Dose Fit branding

The Naming of ‘DOSE FIT’

According to the Portuguese dictionary, Dose is the amount added in a composition. In the universe of the brand, it means the amount of nutrients in the food, properly prepared and fractionized.

“Besides that, Dose can assume the role of acronym, representing the ‘happiness quartet’. The quartet is the four hormones responsible for the feeling of happiness and well-being: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin. From the combination of their initials, ‘DOSE’ is formed,” Nicole explained.

DoseFit logo
“In an analogy to the way these hormones act in our body, the brand seeks through its products to provide greater health and well-being to its customers. With the addition of the term ‘FIT’, the name receives a broader meaning. Fit means healthy, strong, in shape; what is correct, suitable for some purpose or person. Therefore, ‘DOSE FIT’ is the adequate portion of food for people who seek greater health and well-being in their daily lives.”

The Logo Design of Dose Fit

The idea of the logo was inspired from “What gives taste to food?”.  It was the starting point when Nicole searched for visual inspirations that helped in highlighting ‘the taste of homemade food’ – one of the most important pillars of the brand.

“The spoon is the element that represents the dosage, a tool used as a reference for measurements – especially of spices – in cooking. The traces that involve the spoon, on the other hand, symbolize markings such as centimeters and kilos,” she said.

The Typography & Colour Palette

The visual identity uses Antonio Light and Nickainley for its typography. Yellow and purple are the perfect colour combination to express a creative and daring personality. Green and orange are used as supporting colours since they often related to healthy eating brands.

These business cards were printed on traditional card stock; rectangular and with the size of 50mm x 90mm.

Dose Fit business cardDoseFit business cardDose Fit packaging

Designed by Nicole Gröff

For Dose Fit

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