Dorottya Kranicz business card

Dorottya Kranicz Illustrator Business Card

Dorottya Kranicz designed these business cards for her personal branding as a Budapest-based illustrator.

Dorottya have created several illustrations for magazines, and work with small businesses as well as big brands like Nestlé Hungary. “I’m very lucky as I had the opportunity to illustrate many interesting products too from books to jigsaw puzzles,” Dorottya said.

Dorottya Kranicz Business Card

Design Style & Inspiration

The business card is designed to not only portray Dorottya’s expertise in illustration, but also her ability to shine and make an impression!

“I always aim to create playful and a little bit ironic, yet lovable images. I wanted to create a business card that is lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously. My work is heavily figurative so I decided to draw a portrait (loosely based on myself) and a hand. Apart from that, I also wanted to surround it with abstract shapes to show how versatile I can be.”

“We tend to think business cards should be very sleek and minimalistic to communicate expertise, but I do believe that in my job, it was a better choice to make something colourful and happy.”

Typography & Colour Palette

Explaining more about her design inspiration, Dorottya said, “I thought about what I like to draw the most, and it’s definitely portraits. The pencil holding hand is a very clear symbol for illustration: that was important, since I decided not to include text on my card.”

“As an illustrator, I communicate with pictures so it seemed adequate to only put my instagram handle on the card. For the font, I chose something basic and modern – I tried a few san serif fonts, but eventually I chose Futura bold.”

“I’ve created two colour options, but I decided to go with the orange one, as I felt this colour is more heavily represented in my work.”

Dorottya Kranicz business card_orange

Business Card Printing

Dorottya’s business card is yet to be printed. However, it’s clear to see that she’s opted for rounded corners instead of a regular card design.

“I deliberately chose a mockup with a rounded-edged card, as I want my final work to be soft, playful and a little bit feminine. For the card-printing, I’d love to print my business cards on recycled paper, as I love textures.”

“Another reason, being conscious about the environment is an important thing for me too,” she added.


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Dorottya Kranicz business cardDorottya Kranicz business card_Pink

Designed by Dorottya Kranicz

For Dorottya Kranicz personal branding

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