Dora graphic designer business cards

Dora Ghadhab Graphic Designer Business Card

Dora Ghadhab designed these business cards for her personal branding as a freelance graphic and brand designer.

Dora’s business cards are super vibrant and lovely. It has a fun and creative vibe, which is perfect to promote her freelance business.

“I’m a self-taught graphic designer. After graduating from business school, I just decided one day that I wanted to start learning design and pursue it as a career,” Dora remarked.

Dora graphic designer illustrations


Self Portrait and Adorable Illustrations

The business cards are designed to reflect the playfulness of Dora’s brand and her love for cute and vibrant designs in general.

Dora’s brand comes off as friendly and welcoming thanks to the illustrations on the business cards. They are truly one-of-a-kind, not only showcasing Dora’s love for illustrations, but also making her brand memorable as well.

“The brand illustration is a self-portrait/avatar of myself with starry eyes,” Dora explained.

Dora graphic designer halloween illustration

“The stars are presented in every aspect of my branding: logotype, logo icon, illustrations and my social media highlight icons.”

“The stars mainly represent creativity and positivity, but they also reflect the work quality I promise to deliver to my clients.”

Dora’s self-portrait serves as her profile picture across all of her online social profiles.

She said, “It’s a fun touch to the branding as I can play around with it and slightly modify it from time to time, to fit different themes or seasons etc. (e.g., changing the hairstyle, the clothing etc.)”

Dora graphic designer logos

Playful Typography and Vibrant Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is called Funkturm, a modern sans-serif which Dora tweaked to look more round and playful.

“The main typeface is paired with a beautiful vintage script font called Crestone, which looks like a handwritten font and gives a personal touch to the overall brand image.”

Dora’s brand is instantly recognisable with a beautiful colour palette: blue, lavender rose/pink and light cream.

“The chosen colours are vivid and bold to match the personality of the brand.”

“Not to mention, the colour scheme is one of my favourite colour combinations.”

These cards have not been printed but if they were, Dora would print them on 400gsm paper with matte lamination.


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Designed by Dora Ghadhab

For Dora Ghadhab personal branding

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