Donna Jú candy store business cards

Donna Jú Candy Store Business Card

Atry Design Studio designed these business cards for Donna Jú, a candy store located in the city of Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This newly established bakery and confectionery has a lovely and welcoming business card design.

“The brand image that our client would like to portray through the business card design was based on the following visual attributes: sweet, subtle, delicate and accessible,” said the graphic designer of Atry Design.

Donna Jú logo


A Friendly Logo & Heart-Shaped Pattern

The typefaces used for the visual identity are Shining Bright for the logotype and Poppins for the body text.

“The primary font was chosen because it’s strong, but at the same time super delicate.”

“We stylized letter by letter, in order to give more originality and personality to the brand, at the same time representing Donna Jú’s approach to her clients.”

The graphic pattern on the back of the business card was formed by heart-shapes, which, according to the designer, works as an accent on the letter “ú” within the logotype itself.

“This represents the love and happy feelings that Donna Jú’s sweets and cakes transmit to her clients.”

Donna Jú candy store businesscard


Soft Colours & Business Card Printing

Pastel colours were chosen after Atry Design conducted a study regarding the colours used by competitors for differentiation.

“Besides that, the goal of the chosen colours was to represent all the brand attributes well (sweet, subtle, delicate, and accessible).”

These business cards were printed by Printi, a Brazilian printing company.

The cards were printed on 320gsm paper stock with matte lamination and localized varnish.


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Donna Jú candy store business cardDonna Jú candy store business card1Donna Jú candy store branding2 Donna Jú cutleryDonna Jú candy store branding

Designed by Atry Design Studio

Printed by Printi

For Donna Jú

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