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Domus Forma Construction Business Card

Drogheria Studio designed these business cards for Domus Forma SRL, a construction company based in Milano, Italy.

“The design idea for the dynamic logo was born from the concept of a simple three-dimensional space (like a plain room) that can be viewed from different points by the observer,” explained Elisa Puglielli, the Graphic Designer at Drogheria Studio.

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“The shape can be stretched and adapted to different materials for the brand’s visual communication. In this way, the aim was to recreate a simple and neat space which can be edited like the process of customizing a home for the client.”

Regarding the colour palette chosen for the visual identity, “It was inspired by the material used: brick (red), sand (yellow), cement (grey) etc. So, the goal was to base the visual mood on the building and construction world, since Domus Forma s.r.l. is a construction company.”

These business cards were printed on Fedrigoni Materica paper 360g/m2 by Colordl. The colours chosen are Kraft, Verdigris, Acqua and Terra Rossa. Made of cotton and recycled fibers, these papers give a natural, uncoated tactile with velvety surface.

Domus Forma business cardsDomus Forma SRL stationeryDomus Forma_foldersDomus Forma SRL foldersDomus Forma stationeryDomus Forma SRL filesDomus Forma SRL tubeDomus Forma SRL branding

Designed by Drogheria Studio

Printed by Colordl

For Domus Forma SRL

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