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Do Vitamins Business Card

Wells Collins Design designed these business cards for Do Vitamins, a boutique supplement brand specializing in ultra-clean sports nutrition for ingredient-conscious athletes, of all sports and standings.

This is a rebranding project for Do Vitamins in which Wells Collins Design redesigned a visual brand identity and packaging system for the client.

Do Vitamins productDo Vitamins products1Do Vitamins rebranding before-after
“Do Vitamins prides themselves on using the cleanest, most-studied ingredients that help you optimize your health and fitness,” Wells Collins said.

“The original Do Vitamins branding was very masculine and looked like clip art. We reimagined the brand to be more gender neutral, while retaining the light, minimal aesthetic that matches the ultra-clean ingredients of the products. We created intricate textural muscle fiber illustrations to create a consistent visual language across all of the products.”

These business cards were printed by MOO on super thick Luxe Business cards – 32pt white cards with a white mid-layer – excellent for that extra impact! According Wells, the cards were made from four layers of archival-quality Mohawk Superfine, with a beautiful and natural texture.

Do Vitamin business card_2Do Vitamins stationaryDo Vitamins products2Do Vitamins website

Designed by Wells Collins Design

Printed by MOO

For Do Vitamins

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