Dite Tattoo business card

Dite Tattoo Business Card

Guilherme Hirata designed these business cards for Dite Tattoo, a tattoo studio founded by Maria Terra, a plastic artist based in Brasília, Brazil.

The brand name, Dite, was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s epic poem “Inferno: The Divine Comedy”. In the poem, the name “Dite” is mentioned in the section “La città infuoccata di Dite“.

The word “dite” means light in the poem. According to Guilherme, the characters Dante and Virgil are given heavenly intervention in the city of Dite, which is described as dark and mysterious. At that moment, both light and darkness, life and death, coexist in perfect balance.


Unique Illustration and Logo Design

The business card was designed to convey a distinct personality that stands out – a cool, mysterious yet artistic vibe.

“The lamp image in the logo design resembles the importance of light and its coexistence with darkness,” Guilherme explained.

“The small butterfly shows us that life is constantly between light and darkness.”

Dite Tattoo logo_2


Elegant Typography & Dark Tones

The typeface used for the logotype is an elegant font named Fogtwo No5.

Guilherme wanted a classical serif font with a pinch of its own personal touch.

He said, “The font was chosen for its uniqueness. A few modifications in kerning, ligatures and other minimal details were made.”

As for the colour palette, Guilherme took inspiration from the ‘Dark Academia*’ aesthetics.

“From the scientific drawing style, the artist’s background is heavily inspired by nature and organic drawings.”

“So, we brought the dark green into contact with the earthy light brown.”

(Note: Dark academia is a subculture that focuses on higher education and is associated with ancient art and classic literature. It’s also referred to as a traditional academic with a gothic edge.)

Dite Tattoo logo_1


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed yet, but Guilherme proposed the following design, “We would want the cards to look organic but not rustic.”

He continued, “The material should give the customer a sensation of texture but also need a classical touch.”

“We’d choose a material similar to cardboard but stiffer. It’s recommended that the edges be painted with the same colour as the main text.”

“One of the ideas is to print the information with a letterpress printing technique to give a nice tactile sensation to the card receiver,” he added.


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Designed by Guilherme Hirata

For Dite Tattoo

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