Dirt business cards

Dirt Ice Cream Business Card

Macaroni Creative designed these business cards for Dirt, a plant-based ice cream brand located in Washington.

“We created a design that used organic illustrations to highlight the natural, plant-based ingredients of the ice cream. Earthy colour palettes with pops of bright colour were used to stand out among competitors in the frozen section of stores,” said Ron Gibbons, one of the Founders of Macaroni Creative.

Crossten is used as a legible body font, with slightly rounded corners to tie in the organic feel of the illustrations.

These business cards are not printed yet. “However, we are planning on using Mohawk paper, edge painted with a debossed logo,” Ron suggested.

Dirt business cardsDirt packagingDirt packaging1 Dirt packaging2

Designed by Macaroni Creative

For Dirt

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