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DESQUARTIERS Real Estate Business Card

Feldman Studio designed these business cards for DESQUARTIERS, a Parisian real estate agency that offers high-end properties and stands out with its energy and responsiveness.

Formerly known as Capital Conseil, the client requested for a rebranding project and Feldman Studio handled the naming, strategy, web and collaterals for the agency.

“The DESQUARTIERS team amazed us with their energy, we absolutely wanted to transcribe it into their new brand image and create an interactive visual identity,” said Boris Feldman, the Art Director at Feldman Studio.

“Based on the concept of an interactive map, this solution not only allows quick and practical access to the location of different properties, but above all creates a strong and recognizable graphic universe owning the strongest code in the business – always on the move. DESQUARTIERS becomes an agency that evolves at the speed of its city.”

In order to translate the interactivity of a digital card into print, Feldman Studio decided to create a unique experience through DESQUARTIERS’s new business cards. With the help from Cadre Sup, a printing company in Paris, they printed the full map of Paris on a scale of 1/100000, which is almost 4m long!



“Then, the ‘map’ been cut into a multitude of business card formats, with each card contains the DESQUARTIERS logo with the GPS coordinates corresponding to the precise location of this part of the map. A real puzzle, but above all a real experience!”

Regarding the materials and techniques involved in card-printing, Boris said, “We screen-printed the huge map of Paris in varnish on the beautiful Antalis Keaykolour paper. The second layer is the one with the infos (white screen printing) where each card contains its own GPS coordinates.”

All in all, this is an intriguing, stylish and well-thought-out business card design that leaves a lasting impression!

DESQUARTIERS business card

Designed by Feldman Studio

Printed by Cadre Sup


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