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Design Route Graphic Studio Business Card

Vidhee Chamaria designed these business cards for Design Route, her multidisciplinary design studio based in India.

Design Route specialises in logos and branding, animations, e-invitations, social media, and print media.

As a design studio, it’s essential to convey its uniqueness through the business card design. So, opting for a circular-shaped business card was no doubt the perfect choice!


Brand Image and Logo

For her brand image, Vidhee aimed to give it a fresh vibe while retaining a classic appeal with these circular business cards.

“The logo, much as the name suggests, is a combination of the typeface amalgamated together to form a route-like shape,” she said.

“Adding a touch of word play, the phrase ‘you turn’ (which is only used on the business card) suggests the recipient flip the card to reveal all the studio’s details on the other side.”

“This is exactly what the word play is about: You ‘TURN’ because it is ‘Design ROUTE’.”

Design Route circular business card


Unique Shape Business Cards

The circular business card perfectly embodied the studio’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Not to mention, it also complements the rounded logotype and logo brilliantly!

According to Vidhee, the unique shape was chosen based on the studio’s core values: wholeness, totality, infinity, and completion.

“The circle shape symbolises unity, integration, and wholeness, bringing different ideas into one harmonious vision.”

“It also represents our constant approach to achieving maximum output and client satisfaction, as we are constantly updating ourselves with the latest design trends to stay ahead, just like the circles having no beginning and no end.”

“And then, there’s the fulfilment clients experience once the project completes. We strongly believe that, once the client joins us on this journey, they won’t need to go anywhere else.”

Design Route circular business card


Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is a rounded font called Rothwell (regular).

Vidhee said that the typeface suited the brand perfectly by being both edgy and curvy (reminiscent of routes).

Apart from that, the letters “U” and “N” from the typeface were used in a way that formed the studio’s logo. How clever!

The business card design uses mainly shades of black and blue, creating a sense of security while showing loyalty and professionalism.


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Printo, a digital print company in India.

“The cards were printed on Ninbo Star Art Paper of 350gsm to have that stiff and strong finish to increase their durability,” Vidhee added.


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Design Route graphic designer business cardDesign Route studio logoDesign Route_graphic design branding

Designed by Vidhee Chamaria

Printed by Printo

For Design Route

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