Dattabot Data Analytics Business Card

Nandiasa Rahmawati designed these business cards for Dattabot, a Big Data analytics company with a focus on data integration based in Indonesia.

Previously known as Mediatrac, Dattabot was rebranded in 2016 as the user-friendly and ever-reliable data analytics company. Dattabot has been helping clients to use their potential existing data to something more than just sitting figures. Since this has made them viewed as a very scientific company, looking less techy and more approachable was their first priority.

“We came up with a new name that derived from the word ‘Data’ and the expression ‘Atta Boy’. We also developed the iconic Bot whose head is a rotated monogram of the ‘D’ and ‘B’ initials with facial features from ‘1’s and ‘0’s. Being the very basic of the data, the ‘1’s and ‘0’s were further developed into super-graphics and related icons,” said Ritter Willy Putra, the Art Director of Thinking Room design studio.

The entire visual identity is relatable to the data analytics industry, along with its striking colour palette and friendly approach to get the prospect’s attention.

Designed by Nandiasa Rahmawati at Thinking Room

Art Direction by Eric Widjaja

For Dattabot (PT Mediatrac Sistem Komunikasi)

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