Das Pretas business cards

Das Pretas Non-Profit Business Card

Amanda Lobos designed these business cards for The Instituto Das Pretas, a 100% black non-profit laboratory of innovation and social technology.

The institution is developed and designed to strengthen and empower marginalized individuals, bringing a redefinition of autonomy and reduction of inequalities and violence.

“Das Pretas’ goal is to enhance the personal and professional trajectories of peripheral black people. Through its unique and recognized methodologies throughout the country, it amplifies its interdisciplinary beats and bits on plural fronts such as education, art, culture, technology and entrepreneurship. It creates mechanisms and networks of resignification, knowledge and encouragement,” Amanda said.

Das Pretas branding

The business card is designed to portray a more mature and serious institution that could show strength and responsibility when talking to partners, project sponsors and politicians.

“At the same time, be present, reliable and tactile as a solid ground of support for peripheral black people,” she said.

Logo Design, Typography & Colours

The previous logo had accompanied the projects for many years and was well-known. However, a rebranding is needed, according to Amanda, to make the name stand out even more and be carved in stone, allowing the institution to expand through different fields without compromising the meaning.

Amanda created a simple yet remarkable logo that is responsive for many platforms and sizes. She said, “I use the Monument Extended typeface as it’s as black as it gets. It brings out the digital side of the institute by adding the star (or the sun) as a dot, as whatever it may mean to the reader.”

Das Pretas logo redesignDas Pretas logo

“The colour palette was established by creatives from Das Pretas. It’s an intersection between all of the active projects promoted physically and digitally, and represents the multiplicity of blackness.”

“As for the star/sun, it is a symbol of power. Also, it brings a special meaning to the founder, Priscila Gama, as the number of tips is related to her numerology.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be in regular size (9x5cm); printed on 300g Couche Paper with soft touch. It’d have two variations as well,” Amanda suggested.

Das Pretas business cardDas Pretas branding2Das Pretas t-shirtsDas Pretas Ecobag Das Pretas Duct Tape

Designed by Amanda Lobos

For The Instituto Das Pretas

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