Dance School Vallée business card

Dance School Vallée Business Card

La Rusée designed these business cards for Dance School Vallée, a dance school in the city of Guérande, France.

La Rusée managed the entire branding project since she was the artistic director throughout the setup of the school.

Dance School Vallée logo1

“I plunged the school into the Gatsby universe of the Roaring Twenties. I thus created all the support materials of the brand using the graphic codes of that time,” said Julie Clément, the Founder of La Rusée.

“I worked around baroque and vintage typographies; using the key colours of that time – black and gold – mixing all the essential ornaments to create a décor of the Roaring Twenties!”

Dance School Vallée business card_1Dance School Vallée business card_2

As for the unique pattern design on the back of the card, Julie said, “This motif was created for the business card to recall the baroque motifs of the time and the ornaments often printed on the wallpapers of the Roaring Twenties.”

These business cards were printed by Le Grand Royal Studio.

“It was a risograph printer who allowed me to print these cards on quality, textured matte black paper with a metalized gold ink,” Julie added.

This folded business card design really stands out comparing to other regular cards and according to Julie, it was indeed created for the Wow effect and a certain elegance. “We can also make many more graphic elements and text content appear,” she added.

Dance School Vallée business cardDance School Vallée business cardsDance School Vallée cardDance School Vallée logoDance School Vallée course cardDance School Vallée flyer_exteriorDance School Vallée flyer_interiorDance School Vallée internetDance School Vallée PosterDance School Vallée poster2Dance School Vallée t-shirtDance School Vallée

Designed by La Rusée

Printed by Le Grand Royal Studio

For Dance School Vallée

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