Danaos Patisserie business card

Danaos Patisserie Business Card

Christos Papadimitriou designed these business cards for Danaos, a patisserie which produces traditional Greek sweets.

The company name was borrowed from the ancient king, Danaos, whose name is associated with the foundation of Argos city. Since Danaos Patisserie produces traditional Greek sweets, therefore, Christos wanted to give an ancient Greek texture to the whole concept.

“I based the logo on the archaic Greek alphabet. Its outline looks like an ancient stone inscription but in a more sophisticated and abstract version. Even so, it does not lose its traditional Greek character,” Christos said.

These business cards were digitally printed by a local store in Larissa, Greece.

Danaos Patisserie business card

Designed by Christos Papadimitriou

For Danaos Patisserie

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