D'amis business cards

D’amis Architecture Business Card

Nathalia Ultramar designed these business cards for D’amis, an architecture firm based in Vitoria, Brazil.

The brand name, D’amis, means ‘Friends’ in French. Just as the name suggested, the firm was founded by two friends, with the mission to create and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

D'amis stationery

Logo Design

As a means of portraying the brand’s minimalistic, sophisticated and timeless image, a logo was created with delicate curves and straight endings that convey the brand’s delicacy and warmth.

The highlight was the apostrophe present in the name, which is rectangular and represents a building or column, alluding subtly to architecture’s history while also evoking its linear and modern features.

D'amis logos

Colours & Typography

According to Nathalia, it was important for the colour palette to evoke feelings of warmth and femininity, while at the same time evoking the natural tones commonly found in girls’ projects.

“Graphic accessories were created to complete the identity, including a pattern based on the (D’) outline. Other inspirations including arches and coverings, to give that basic and organic touch, and some irregular shapes to emphasise the brand’s fluidity and creativity,” she said.

D'amis stationery3

The typography used in the visual identity is called Tabac Big Glam. It is a modern and timeless typeface, which was redesigned to bring distinctiveness to the brand. It highlights the apostrophe present in the name (formed by a rectangle) that symbolises columns and architectural buildings, evoking solidity and linearity.

These business card have not been printed yet, but if they were, “They would be printed on 300g uncoated matte paper, to emphasize the natural feel while bringing even more personality and delicacy to the brand,” Nathalia suggested.

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Designed by Nathalia Ultramar

For D’amis

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