Crumbs & Co business card

Crumbs & Co Bakery Business Card

Clara Mceneff designed these business cards for Crumbs & Co, a small cake bakery based in Dublin.

Clara managed this branding project from start to finish, including designing the logo, submark, social media icon, brand pattern and business card.

Crumbs & Co logoCrumbs & Co Submark

The typography used in the visual identity are Jumble and Proxima (for the business card) and Barricada Pro (for the logo/branding).

“The client wanted a fun, colourful logo that really shouted CAKES! They wanted their business cards to really stand out in a pile, so we went for rounded corners and a really striking design incorporating the brand pattern,” Clara said.

“The colour inspiration came from a few different places; sprinkles that the client uses on cupcakes, some reference photos like this example.”

These business cards are not printed yet. According to Clara, they will most probably go for digital printing for the cards.


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Crumbs & Co_business card1Crumbs & Co submark2Crumbs & Co_business card2 Crumbs & Co_business card cake box

Designed by Clara Mceneff

For Crumbs & Co

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