Cromot art shared space business cards

Cromot Art Space and Production House Business Card

Studio Vacarme designed these business cards for Cromot, an artist and production house based in Paris, France.

Studio Vacarme, with their creative prowess, created the visual identity and website for Cromot, capturing the essence of this dynamic shared space project.

Cromot’s business cards are truly one-of-a-kind. Despite being minimal, it still manages to impress with a few special elements thrown in the mix: a custom-designed typography, a fluid line, embossed printing, and a whole lot of negative space!

Let’s find out the inspiration behind these amazing ideas.


Brand Image

To understand how the entire branding came to be, one needs to be clear that Cromot is more than just an artistic space.

According to Camille Roulant, the co-founder of Studio Vacarme, Cromot unites a community of artists, creators, administrators, producers, performing arts technicians, theatre directors, and more.

“They will find professional resources and spaces to work and collaborate, fostering synergies among various disciplines and promoting research, experimentation, and creation.”

“The business cards embody the vibrancy of Cromot and the connections formed among the resident artists, portraying a delicate yet confident brand image for this artistic space.”


Logo Design

The logo design was inspired by the idea of shared spaces and the union of performing arts professionals.

Studio Vacarme creatively translated this concept into a visually stunning logo!

It is constructed by assembling graphic shapes, which, when brought together, form a unified typography.

Cromot art shared space_business card



Other typefaces used in the visual identity are Freight Text Pro and Stabil Grotesk.

The serif typeface, Freight Text Pro, represents the heritage and history of the site, which was a former printing works located at the heart of the Hôtel Cromot du Bourg complex on 9 rue Cadet.

Its classic design reflects the historical significance of the location as well.

On the other hand, the simpler and more linear titling typeface, Stabil Grotesk, creates contrast and imparts strength to the information presented.


Free-Flowing Line

Another main element of the business card design is the free, negative line that symbolises the connection between different disciplines.

On the website and digital media, this line is animated and interactive, enhancing the sense of connection and celebrating the identity of Cromot as a welcoming, vibrant, and organic space.


Colour Palette

While the Cromot’s business cards predominantly use black and white, Studio Vacarme introduced three complementary colour duos to infuse vibrancy into the mix.

“These colours interact in positive and negative spaces, further enhancing the sense of vibrancy and connection within the space.”

“In the imagery, the colours are treated with a risographic effect, reminiscent of the location’s history as a former printing works.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Atelier Bulk, a printing company based in Bordeaux, France.

The cards were digitally printed on Pur Coton Cocaïne 350 g/m2 with glossy black hot stamping.

The text on these business cards was printed in flat gloss black, ensuring clear visibility and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

On the reverse side of where the logo is located, a curved glossy black finish was applied to further emphasise the brand’s sophistication.

Finally, the embossed printing adds a nice tactile effect to the business cards, making them a true embodiment of professionalism, style, and the spirit of artistic collaboration!


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Designed by Studio Vacarme

Printed by Atelier Bulk

For Cromot

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