CreamAl Bar Business Card

Evelina Hatsa designed these business cards for CreamAl, a chain of bars in which their specialty is the alcoholic ice cream.

The brand’s target audience are tourists and local residents who are not afraid to try out new, interesting flavour combinations.

“At CreamAl, the guests can try unusual ice cream flavours or drink in amazing cocktail. The value of the company is attention to the smallest details; originality and imagination. They make products that are both enjoyable and inspiring,” Evelina said.

CreamAl logoCreamAl business card_2
The logo design is a clear depiction of the brand’s best seller – alcoholic ice cream.

“My idea was to combine a cocktail glass with the ice cream in one logo. As for the colour palette, I used dark blue and light beige combination to indicate that CreamAl is a premium brand.”

The typography Evelina used in the visual identity are Cormorant Garamond Italic and Forum.

“I opted for serif fonts to show that the company has elegance,” she said.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Evelina suggested to have the cards printed on paper with a density of 300g/m². On some versions, the logo would be embossed.

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Designed by Evelina Hatsa

For CreamAl

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