CourtneyCyr business cards

Courtney Cyr Design + Events Business Cards

Emily Day designed these business cards for Courtney Cyr Design + Events, an event planner based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“At the beginning of each project, I have new clients fill out a questionnaire to learn more about their business,” Emily said.

“One of the questions that often ends up being most helpful is having the client describe the personality of the business in 7-10 adjectives.”

Courtney Cyr Design + Events is a wedding and event planning team and according to Emily, the client described her business as romantic, bohemian, whimsical, feminine, and minimalist.

“Her questionnaire answers, plus hearing her describe her ideal couple and what it looks like to work with her gave me a great starting point. We also specifically discussed including hand-drawn floral illustrations.”

Both the lettering and the lovely floral illustration are artistic enough to make the cards look graceful and memorable!


The Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to card-printing, Emily had a pretty good idea how they should turn out,

“Because of the nature of her business, we knew the cards needed to be high quality and have some ‘stand out’ quality.”

“To stay in line with the bohemian direction, I suggested a matte finish.”

“We discussed adding a foil element, but ultimately decided to go with a linen texture paper instead which turned out to be the perfect fit for the way her weddings all have a very natural design appeal!”

Overall, a stunning business card design that reflects grace and elegance of one’s profession. Well done, Emily!

Designed by Emily Day of Good Day Design Co.

For Courtney Cyr Design + Events

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