Cours de Rêve Ballet business cards

Cours de Rêve Ballet Academy Business Card

YNL Design designed these business cards for Cours de Rêve Ballet, a ballet academy that teaches students to appreciate ballet’s artistic value through a system of education that’s optimized for individual characteristics and international exchange programs.

The brand name, Cours de Rêve, means “Dream Class” in French. While other ballet academies focus solely on ballet lessons, Cours de Rêve Ballet offers a wide range of learning programs, such as Pilates and chiropractic, in addition to various career options.

Cours de Rêve focuses on the students’ mental growth and physical well-being. The academy’s  educational system and exchange programme allow students to dream and achieve their goals on the artistic stage.

As a result, the brand’s goal was to set itself apart from other ballet schools by giving off an air of luxury while still keeping a semi-classic aesthetic.

Cours de Rêve Ballet logo


A Premium Brand Image

At first glance, the business card exudes elegance and class. It does an excellent job of conveying the legitimacy of ballet as well as the artistic value of the brand.

Moreover, it provides a timeless yet sustainable design that’s unique to Cours de Rêve Ballet only.

Not to mention, the visual identity also reflects the academy’s dedication to preserving the heritage of ballet through premium training programs and the private educational setting prepared especially for their students.

This will give the students more reasons to respect the brand while also helping the academy establish credibility in the ballet field.

Cours de Rêve Ballet logo


A Ballerina and Swan Graphic Motif

Based on the brand concept of ‘from sensuous movement to art’, YNL Design came up with a logo that emphasises art sensibility through the artistic lines, illustrating the graceful movements of ballerinas in an abstract and contemporary way.

It’s also worth noting that the ballerina logo was actually formed from the letters “C” and “R”, derived from the brand name itself! (with the word Reve meaning “dream” while Cours means “class” in French)

There’s also a swan graphic element with delicate hand drawing and elegant curved lines that was inspired by the famous ballet called “Swan Lake”. It emphasises the glamorous and artistic side of the ballet.

At the same time, the graphic motif embodies the combination of modernity and classical mood, it depicts the conceptual image of a graceful swan reflected in the lake and also a blooming flower, which indicating the growth of students through classes attended at the academy.

Cours de Rêve Ballet_swan graphic


A Color Palette That Is Subtle Yet Elegant

Beige and green are used throughout the visual identity to express the understated beauty of ballet. The former was inspired by satin ballet toe shoes, while the latter was used to express the luxurious and private sensibility of a ballet academy.

The business card was further enhanced via copper foil stamping, a printing technique that adds to the professionalism and elegance of the entire branding.

All in all, it’s a stylish and premium business card design that’s both appealing and memorable!


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Designed by YNL Design

For Cours de Rêve Ballet

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