Coure business cards

COURE Design Studio Business Card

COURE designed these business cards for its corporate branding as a graphic design and art direction studio based in Spain.

“COURE needed business cards to introduce itself to the world, so we were looking for something really special and outside of the box,” said Lluís and Júlia, the designers at COURE.

As a studio that creates fresh and contemporary visual projects using typography, illustration and other graphic resources that speak to the brand’s values, it’s only natural for COURE to create a catchy one for their visual identity – something that reflects their professionalism and attention to details.

“The card design was created with two readings coexist: on one hand is our logo – heavy and extended; and on the other hand, a custom linear script font.”

“Together, they express the concept of the studio. Our meticulous choice of quality materials and techniques are the finishing touch.”

Coure business card


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by L’Anacrònica, a letterpress printing company in Barcelona, Spain.

“Red and pink are our corporate colours so we used one ink on thick coloured paper,” Lluís and Júlia said.

“The embossing and letterpress printing techniques were combined to create a 3D effect using two interlaced words.”

“The papers chosen are Colorplan Candy Pink and Natural White, 350 gsm.”


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Coure business_cardsCOURE printing processCOURE card printing_paperCOURE business cardCOURE printing

Designed by COURE

Printed by L’Anacrònica

For COURE corporate branding

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