cosmic interactive virtual reality business cards

Cosmic Interactive Virtual Reality Business Card

Borne designed these business cards for Cosmic Interactive, a company that specializes in building room scale virtual reality experiences in Sydney, Australia.

“Cosmic Interactive creates out of this world virtual reality experiences,” said Jayden Osborne, the Art Director of Borne.

“We presented Cosmic Interactive with a Westworld-esque maze for that sense of visual play meets machine.”

“The combination of the maze and the eye also doubles as a ‘C’ monogram which we wanted to showcase on the business cards.”

The logo design is well executed with the idea of converging ‘people and technology’.

Despite having a stunning design, the client still requires that added oomph to present itself competitively.

“What better way to do this than with a hologram foil?” Jayden asked and he’s right!

With that, Cosmic Interactive’s business cards are not only eye-catching but exudes futuristic, playful image.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by 101 Print via holographic hot stamping foil on both front and edges of the cards.

“The iridescence perfectly portrays the surreal experience their company provides.”

“Printing on a specialty 650gsm Les Naturals White card that is 1mm thick allowed us to also foil the edges for maximum impact.” Jayden added.


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Designed by Borne

Printed by 101 Print

For Cosmic Interactive

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