Convida business card

Convida Restaurant Business Card

Solange Huertas designed these business cards for Convida, a Peruvian restaurant.

The client approached Solange for the branding project including naming, designing the business cards and other branding materials. According to Solange, the word ‘Convida’ means ‘to be invited to something nice’ in Spanish. They started from that concept to create a proposal for fair trade where local producers, intermediaries and consumers work together promoting the exchange of products and services.

“The goal was to enhance the native ingredients of Peruvian cuisine, offering high-quality products through an artisanal process,” Solange said.

“We used a typographic logotype for the brand, in which we manipulated subtly some characters of a roman and modern typeface. This brought more personality to the brand to give it a bond of closeness and union through letters ligatures such as ‘O – N’ and ‘V – I’.”

convida logo1
Explaining further regarding the illustrations and typography used in the design, Solange said, “Convida was inspired by nature, empathy and closeness. So, we focused on illustration as a way to represent those concepts through watercolour illustrations, brush strokes and textures.”

“We selected four Peruvian cuisine native ingredients: Potatoes, corn, chili, and ‘maca’ for the identity and we illustrated them in a realistic way; roots included as a way to represent the dedication and effort of the native farmers.”

“Then, we built some patterns to have more resources for the visual system and a colour palette inspired by nature with shades of green, orange and browns was used,” Solange added.

Convida apronConvida napkinConvida ceramicaConvida restaurant_interior
The business cards are not printed yet but if they were, here’s what Solange suggested, “I would have them printed on 100% eco-friendly materials and processes, because that is what defines the brand.”

Overall, it’s a clever, well-thought-out nature-themed business card design that’s bound to impress!

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Designed by Solange Huertas

For Convida

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