Connect the Dots business card

Connect the Dots Consulting Business Card

Daniel Ligero designed these business cards for Connect the Dots, a food and beverage consulting agency based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The agency’s mission is to provide support to other professionals who want to launch a gastronomical business in the Middle East.

“Connect the Dots offers all services the client needed to build up new business restaurants with creativity and with the highest quality. They are specializing in creating internationally inspired restaurant concepts, revive and optimize existing brands and localize international restaurant concepts to Saudi Arabia,” Daniel said.

For the visual identity, the project takes simplicity, sophistication and modernity to represent their values and a highly creative process.

“We used a soft colour palette, inspired by the Arabian and cultural landscapes, and bold illustrations as principal elements on the identity. On the stationery elements, we used an embossed effect on the logo and symbol.”

These business cards were printed via an embossed effect on the logo.


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Connect the Dots_business cardsConnect the Dots businesscards

Designed by Daniel Ligero

For Connect the Dots

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